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Group Therapy

Transforming lives with EMDR therapy

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Group Therapy
for Women with
Childhood Trauma

Welcome to our support group specifically designed for women who have experienced childhood trauma and are currently undergoing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Our group offers a safe and supportive environment to share experiences and gain strength from others who understand your journey.

About the Group

This support group is dedicated to helping women who have faced childhood trauma. Our focus is on creating a community where members can discuss and navigate their challenges together. Our discussions cover a range of topics including:

1. Difficulty with Relationships

Exploring how past trauma affects current relationships and finding ways to build healthier connections.

2. Insecure Attachment Styles

Understanding attachment styles formed in childhood and how they impact adult life.

3. Emotionally Immature & Unavailable Parents

Sharing experiences of growing up with emotionally distant parents and the long-term effects.

4. Trust and Vulnerability

Addressing difficulties with trust and opening up to others, and strategies for building confidence in these areas.

Meeting Details

To join this group, participants must currently be undergoing EMDR therapy with a lincensed therapist. This ensures that all members are receiving appropriate individual support alongside the group sessions.

Frequency: Every other Wednesday
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Format: Virtual meetings via Zoom
Cost: $40 per session

This group cannot be billed to insurance.

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What Can EMDR Therapy Help With?

  • Anxiety

  • Anger management

  • Childhood trauma

  • Childhood emotional neglect

  • Adult children of emotionally immature parents

  • Healing from a dysfunctional family

  • Abuse

  • Relationship trauma

  • Abandonment wounds

  • Attachment trauma

  • Insecure attachment


  • PTSD

  • Complex developmental trauma

  • Panic attacks

  • Emotional dysregulation

  • Clearing the body of trauma

  • Negative beliefs about self

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